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2006:09:01 13:33:09

NIKON D70, 18 mm, 1/250 sec, f 9

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  • Nice perspective here! And lovely colors! It looks really sharp to!
    Christian Wiedel @ 2006-09-01
  • I have to agree with Christian. The green water looks really nice. The perspective and the shapness is very good too... the person adds a lot to the image as well.
    [ PIXEL VIKING ] @ 2006-09-02
  • I simply love it - whish I could take these kinds of photographs.
    Mads @ 2006-09-04
  • Really like the colours, like the way that the white things stand out and it is really nice sharp.
    Chris @ 2006-09-04
  • Your way of including a "human element" (formulating it a bit abstract) is very, very interesting and inspiring.
    Peter @ 2006-09-10
  • Great angle! :-) Very nice capture
    Thomas Solberg / Project neXus @ 2006-09-21
  • Wonderful shot beautifully executed, I love the perspective and the use of the rail...
    shooter @ 2006-09-25



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