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2006:08:27 11:44:45

NIKON D70, 29 mm, 1/30 sec, f 4

sometimes you don't even have to go down your stairs to take a picture

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  • Perfectly framed Simon, I like it!
    Eric @ 2006-08-28
  • Simply great - the mistery about what's down there is great.. (what kind of girl etc..)
    Mads @ 2006-08-28
  • This photo is great fun! I love the little bit of red and white to draw our eye to the legs and feet.
    The composition is very dynamic.
    Maggie @ 2006-08-29
  • cool flipflops!
    ulli @ 2006-08-30
  • Red shoes again, a little red is good anywhere!
    @ 2006-09-04
  • hehe - well spotted. Cool perspective.
    peter @ 2006-09-05
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