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2006:08:22 14:15:08

NIKON D70, 18 mm, 1/500 sec, f 11

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  • The pictures are not that dark on my screen :/ .. but yeh I like that dark look :) but will remember to make them a little les dark..
    Chris @ 2006-08-24
  • I am never able to capture anything good in this area, but I think you did good here.
    moodaholic @ 2006-08-24
  • Like any other photographer from Koege, I've shot this bridge and that building a lot of times, but I've never thought of this angle. Very cool, man!
    - Martin
    What The Heck Journal @ 2006-08-24
  • I must say, you have a special talent in working with blue colours and hues and combining this with different forms.
    Peter @ 2006-08-25
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